Monday, September 29, 2003

::sigh:: another day oy! im so tired. i cant sleep. im an insomniac . well i noticed the other day the the swallowtail butterfly i saw last year is back to lay their eggs in this bush in the neighbors yard. im not going to take one of them this year! i killed it last year thats why! it hatched and everything and then it was a couple days old and then it died :\ maybe i suffocated it. oh well . theyre quite beautiful. so bowling tomorrow! woohoo!! ok to deal with my sleeping im going to ehh drink some tea thats suppose to comfort me. and lets hope it works because i need it! if not then i need some nyquil. i need a relaxing bath too yaaa. i gotta long day tomorrow. ....... i think i have diarrhea! di*ar*rhea n : abnormally frequent and watery bowel movements.
must have been the hot chocolate. i loved you hot chocolate but you betrayed me!! damn you!! ::egh:: my stomach!! eating my innerds! agh. brb!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Awww the beginning of my never ending complaints. dont get me wrong, ive been complaining since time began for me but now you'll actually see it. ok so today, i helped my sister and her b/f paint our living room. we totally re did it; new tile, new couches, and new paint job. hopefully we'll get some new pictures up instead of those crappy paintings that have been duplicated a hundred times by people who are not even artists and are sold at swapmeets. hey i didnt decorate the living room sooo its not my fault. so hopefully i like this blog stuff. if i dont then you wont see me posting! i just gotta rememeber to do that. but i guess i can talk about myself. i live in southern california, my name is Daisy. im 19 years old. ehhhhh....i have 3 cats.... no b.f :\ i live with my parents, bro, sis, grandma, nephew. yes they get on my nerves. especially my nephew. sometimes i want to move out just because i get headaches everyday now and im getting bags under my eyes. well i watch over my grandma pretty much and my nephew whenever my sis is at school or whereever she goes which means shes NEVER home. i go to bed too late and i wake up too early. i havent been sleeping recently. 6 hours, tops! thats nothing to me. ive never been this unhappy with my life before. all i want to do is travel. i dont want to learn, i dont want to look after anyone else. im not trying to be cruel. i just need a break. or maybe i just need to deal with it. shit!!! aghhh.... this isnt going very welll....not well at all..... so i didnt go to school today. :D i really didnt feel like it. oh yaaa daisy the rebel ::tilts chair, puts feet up:: i wish i could add smileys and such. ya i dont know if im stickin to this "blogger" thing. :\ we'll see. blah!!! tried calling my friend tim.... didnt answer. left him a rambling message. i need a trip soon. i think i need therapy of some sort. yaaaa oh and i need to get my kitties neutered . poor fellows! theyre such cuties! they're my babies!! im never having children, just a bunch of cats. im going to be those old ladies with hundreds of cats. but i realized something. im allergic to cats!!!! but that doesnt stop me. it isnt that bad. if i stick my face in there fur i start to sneeze like 2 or 3 times and then it stops. ok i better stop talking. i like talking to you blog, youre so understanding! hehehe i am such a dork...

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